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Use Case: Managing a Legal Repository


Use cases intended for...

All industries and government administrations,
Administrative and Legal Services,
General Management,
External legal consultants, lawyers, etc.

Reasons for change :

  • Create a legal framework with right access easy to manage
  • Save time thanks to collaborative editing of regulations
  • Simplify the internal publication and reduce the number of emails
  • Ensure that new regulations are taken into account


Synthetic Scheme


3 best practices to optimize the management of a legal repository

Bad practices ...
Best practices with GoFAST...

Comments and questions on regulations are done by mail - some collaborators are misinformed. Messages are repeated and errors are detected.


ZERO mail sent, all comments and questions about regulations are on the page of the document. They are centralized and accessible to all stakeholders.

Several collaborators edit legal documents in parallel, each on their own. Unable to follow all new versions and as result, errors are found.


ZERO version error thanks to simultaneous online edition with the Collaborative Office Suite (or edition with a lock), each version is time-stamped and available at any time.

Final versions of regulations are sent as email attachments in office format, to many colleagues. Recipient errors are done and hard to know whether it was received or consulted.


Final versions of the regulations are published in PDF format in the appropriate collaborative space(s). Members of the space(s) are notified and a request for reading can be sent via a workflow.


What profits from using GoFAST ?

  • The legal documents are centralized and simple to load and share new files.
  • The legal documents are edited simultaneously by all those need, for a considerable time saving
  • Zero error thanks to the correction and validation dematerialized workflow
  • Quick and easy PDF publication of the working document (Office) to share it with other services
  • Legal documents found with just one or two keywords thanks to full-text indexing

Among the GoFAST features used in this case...

  • Online simultaneous editing with Collaboration Office Suite
  • Workflow of validation
  • Publication of final versions of documents (link between working document and its publication)
  • Automatic notifications (summary of the activity in one email)
  • Search (powerful search engine)

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They manage their legal repository on GoFAST...

  • AGS (Govrnment Service Delegation Unédic Ags)
  • BTCCTB (Belgian Federal Agency)
  • Botanic
  • Médor&Cie
  • Via numérica
  • etc.



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