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Use-case: Collaborate in Budgeting


Use cases intended for...

All industries and government administrations,
Administrative and Financial Service,
General Management,
Managers of subsidiaries, branches, remote sites, etc.

Reasons for change :

  • Increase productivity in preparing budgets
  • Simplify, clarify and respect the workflow and validation
  • Ensure the accuracy of the validated budget
  • Secure exchanges and reduce errors
  • Being able to audit the processing of budgets


Synthetic Scheme


3 best practices to optimize the management of a legal repository

Bad practices ...
Best practices with GoFAST...
The file "Budget" is on a server with restricted or too large access. It is shared as an email attachment, despite the risks of recipients errors and the large number of duplicates of the file thus generated.
ZERO duplicate - the file "Budget" is centralized on GoFAST and accessible according to its rights. It is multifiled or transmitted by URL link. Collaboration is optimized and no more heavy attachments !
The "Budget" is in Excel format, each collaborator must have a MS Office license or use expensive or/and insecure cloud solutions (ex: Google Docs).
ZERO Office License - The Collaborative Office Suite allows multiple users to simultaneously edit the "Budget". The file remains on the GoFAST server in Office format (xls, xlsx ...).
The validation of the "Budget" by several colleagues is done by mail, with the file as an attachment. An unclear validation circuit that generates delays and risk of error in the validated file.
ZERO delay - The file "Budget" is integrated in a validation workflow, the steps and deadlines are respected thanks to the notifications, ensuring the validation of the right version of the Budget.

What profits from using GoFAST ?

  • More effective work thanks to the enhancement of collaboration.
  • Simplification of correction and validation workflows, which become clearer and more visible.
  • Zero error in validating the right version of the file "budget".
  • Secure information sharing with external collaborators as well as internally.
  • Complete view of the history of contribution and stakeholders, providing audit trails.

Among the GoFAST features used in this case...

  • Classification and collaborative working spaces
  • Search (powerful search engine)
  • Online Edition (with lock) or Collaborative Office Suite (available in GoFAST v3)
  • Automatic Notifications (summary of the activity in one email)
  • Workflow

>> See GoFAST features

They manage their budgets on GoFAST...

  • Botanic
  • BTCCTB (Belgian Federal Agency)
  • Via numérica
  • Médor&Cie
  • Tourist Office of Le Genevois
  • Néovia Retraite
  • etc.


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