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Christopher Potter, holder of an aeronautical engineer degree from ESTACA (in Paris), started his career for the European Space Agency in the Netherlands working on the introduction of a new generation of supercomputers. After 2 years, he joined the "Swiss Federal Institute of Technology" (Lausanne) and Cray Research for a project in the same field, but this time with an international dimension by grouping 3 other US centers of excellence, including NASA. The converted applications for these new ultra-powerful computers were in the areas of aerodynamics, signal processing, molecular and nuclear simulation...

In 1995 in parallel to their work, Christopher Potter and a friend, convinced that Internet had potentialto deliver financial informations launched the first financial web site in France NetFund. A review of the site was in the first issue of "Internet Professionnel" (Sept. 96). But the difficulties in finding an economic model, while online advertising and venture capital did not exist, urged the 2 creators to throw in the towel by 1997 and join the first online private bank project in Geneva on behalf of BNP bank and private investors.

In 1998, Christopher Potter joined a Joined Venture between CPR banking group and the US E*Trade to oversee to technology and international projects. In 2000 when Crédit Agricole overtook CPR  and trading volumes were rising exponentially, Christopher Potter, Chief Technology Officer launches a new Internet platform based on the most advanced technologies.

He established an R & D Center in Archamps near Geneva, Netfinca. The mission of this structure was to industrialize the platform as a software company. Since 2002 innovative methodologies in software development (ie agile methods) with impressive results in productivity and quality, this allowing to industrialize while innovate (ie introducing the first mobile trading)

Netfinca has a very Business and Customer approach. As such, IT team needed to know well the business (financial markets).

In 2005, Crédit Agricole Titres, the securities services subsidiary of Crédit Agricole took over Netfinca with the goal of using its online trading platform for the whole retail activities (7 millions+ accounts, 1/3 of France savings).  Christopher Potter joins the Executive Committee as Chief Information Officer. During 3 years, the platform has be adapted to serve LCL (former Credit Lyonnais) customers and its 2000 branches as well as Crédit Agricole Regional banks with a totally new online trading offer, Invest-store.

Finally in autumn 2009, BforBank, the new online bank from Crédit Agricole Regional Banks starts on the industrial platform that delivers more than 1 billion page views per year.

After the long job of software industrialization, and roughly 12 years in banking IT, Christopher Potter launches CEO-Vision R&D phase in 2009.