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AIFE (Min. of Finance)

French Government Agency

The Project: The AIFE was seeking a GED quickly operational with the best cost to manage the 15,000 documents comprising the documentation of the accounting software of the French State, Chorus. As more and more state organisations, AIFE was seduced by the ease of use of GoFast and the open source concept on Alfresco base. Early 2016, CEO-Vision has installed and successfully migrated all content in less than a week despite strong constraints of security and remote data centers.

The organization: The AIFE is the Agency for Financial Information Technology under the authority of the French Minister of Budget. The AIFE defined and implemented Chorus, the financial computer system that manages the French state expenditure, non-tax revenues and public accounting for a volume of one billion euros a day. Tax applications alone generate about 250 million data integration operations per year with peaks between 5 and 10 million transfers per day during business tax returns and taxpayers.