Company Overview

CEO-Vision was set up based on two conclusions : companies are no longer able to work effectively with current tools ( mail-boxes, file servers, intranet) while a fierce competition  requires them agility and efficiency. Furthermore, the difficult economy demands to restrain IT costs.

Our solution

Established in 2011, CEO-Vision has spent more than two years of R&D to select, improve and integrate the best open-source technologies into a single product, the GoFAST ECM platform. This finally allows companies to regain productivity and efficiency in the management of their contents while significantly improving collaboration.

Our values

Devoted to CEO-Vision philosophy, we count on one top priority which is to satisfy our customers and therefore your users. Our strength is to understand the needs of users and perfetly adjust the response, bringing the most appropriate technologies.

Customer satisfaction, listening, responsiveness and reliability are our values

However, there are nowadays  technical arguments when future users and decision makers are looking for answers to their specific business and management requirements. This issue is even more true in the field of Open-source when sometimes, the technical takes precedence over the rest.

Our technological expertise

Keeping with our commitment as a trusted partner, our expertise is focused on Open Source technologies that we have selected for their potential. We are experts at the highest level for Drupal for Web Portals (CMS), Alfresco for Electronic Document Management (EDM / ECM), Sugar for client management (CRM) and Bonitasoft for Workflow management. Of course we also have strong Open-Source infrastructure technology skills (Apache, MySQL, Solr, OpenLDAP, ....), as well as in Virtualization (VM) and Linux client.

Striving to steer smart our specific skills, we have a global vision of these technologies and more widely of IT innovation. This allows us to offer consulting services in IT strategy, as a differentiating one.

CEO-Vision was created by Christopher Potter, 20 years of experience in the software industry and innovation. His experience is shared between innovative startups (First major stock exchange web site in France, online Private Bank in Switzerland), and large companies (Crédit Agricole Group, CIO of all online retail trading activities, 15billions$/year).