Change Management around GoFAST

Strong implication and agile approach, our team is supporting change to ensure user acceptance and successful deployment of GoFAST.

Study of Need

Our experience allows us to study your issues and provide personalized organizational solutions, aiming to optimize collaborative work on GoFAST.

Tree models

Public sector (Region, Department, Metropolis...) or Private (Distribution, Finance...) we study your needs and provide workspace structures specific to your activity.

Your Business Processes

We support your teams in analyzing and optimizing business processes to model specific workflows and reduce processing time.

GoFAST Workshop

Our team listens and offers valuable advice based on extensive experience and deep knowledge of GoFAST. Directions, Services, Project Teams... are supported in change.

+15 000

GoFAST users

SMEs, Large Accounts, Public Administrations...


User countries

GoFAST deployments for international teams.


years of GoFAST experience

From the beginning we have been supporting the Digital Transformation of our customers

Main Change Support services for a successful Digital Transformation around Gofast...

GoFAST workshops

Understand business need, validate solutions and guide referral users.


Creation of the tree structure of Spaces, user accounts, feedback, etc.

Specific Workflows

Analysis and optimization of business processes to model your adapted workflows.

Project Management

In-between agile method and formalism, CEO-Vision assists the management of the GoFAST project.