Christopher Potter

President & Founder

Christopher, 25 years of experience in software industry and innovation. Christopher Potter created the first stock exchange website in France in 1996, then the 1st private online bank Switzerland in 1998 and was until 2009 Chief Information Officer of the Internet platforms of the Crédit Agricole Group (> 10 billion euros) treated / year). His 12 years in the banking sector and the experience gained in the field of information systems have allowed him to identify the weaknesses of the tools used in the majority of organizations, rarely focused on the user. The finding that software is too 'technical' and the certainty that open source is the model for the future have pushed him to conceptualize a collaborative platform with a unique user experience. He then imagined the collaborative platform GoFAST, based on the best of Open Source. Its ambition: to offer a serious European alternative to Office365/Sharepoint and GoogleDocs/Drive to improve information management and collaboration within organizations. GoFAST makes it possible to eradicate the chaos associated with the over-information and dispersion of content (messaging, file servers) and increase the productivity of the organization.
Christopher is aeronautical engineer, graduate of ESTACA - Paris, France.