Collaborative DMS GoFAST, Community Edition

Collaborative and Telecommuting Digital-Workplace based on Alfresco ...

Manage all documents of your company or public organization for zero cost with GoFAST Community, open source solution and free download.

 Replace the file server to centralize and secure documents (RGPD, Cloud Act ...)
 Collaborate efficiently without any error of version or file duplicate, and respecting access rights
 Share with zero attachment and reduce the number of emails
 Find its documents in record time and increase productivity
 GoFAST interface available in English, French, Dutch and allows multilingual document management

To cover all your collaborative work and telecommuting needs, adopt the power of the GoFAST Enterprise edition, with the Collaborative Office Suite, Workflows, Chat and Web-conference tools!

Download GoFAST Community
 OVA Image file of the latest available version
 GoFAST can be installed on VMWare, HyperV, KVM, ...
 Consult the prerequisites and the installation notes GoFAST
 Find support on our forums
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