Department of Haute-Savoie

After a 6-month POC (2019/2020), the Haute-Savoie Department deploys GoFAST to exit SharePoint and finish the file server mess.


Main existing tools for document management: File Servers, Microsoft SharePoint (for a specific part of documents), other business applications, email exchanges and attachments.

The key areas for improvement in collaborative document management come from the following aspects :

  • Too many files scattered between PCs, email, duplicates in various folders on file servers,
  • Too many emails and too many attachments,
  • Wasted time looking for working documents and in some cases version errors,
  • Too much or not enough access to the necessary information (lack of cross-functionality),
  • Difficulty of access to documents and information remotely (traveling / telecommuting),
  • It is difficult to track processes and tasks via mail without a clear framework or reminders, generating a risk of forgetting or non-compliance with business processes by mistake,
  • It is complicated to track added / modified content and associated exchanges.


    The project management :  ICT department - Innovation, Information Systems and Digital Uses of the Haute Savoie Departmental Council.

    Phase 1 POC of the GoFAST solution (6 months with more than 50 collaborators) : This project constitutes the 1st phase, aiming to test the GoFAST solution as a collaborative and cross-functional DMS. The scope is restricted to ICT department and some Directorates collaborators associated with cross-functional projects.

    Phase 2 Deployment to the entire Haute-Savoie Departmental Council : With the success of the POC, the Department has decided to deploy the GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform to all civil servants and some of its partners: 3,000 end-users.

    Technical scope:  Dedicated platform, hosted OnPremise (on the Department's infrastructure) with maintenance and all updates performed remotely, in remote administration by CEO-Vision SAS.


    • POC : Start on 29/08/2019 - End on 31/03/2019
    • Deployment validated after the POC :  from the start of the 2020


    • Become familiar with the solution and verify in practice the potential of the GoFAST solution to meet the business needs identified for the POC,
    • Study / validate the business needs to prioritize to guide the deployment after the POC,
    • Train pilot users and identify "referents" (to promote "best practice"),
    • Encourage the collaboration of pilot users
    • Analyze the difficulties and propose relevant solutions (for the POC and the suite),
    • Validate the opportunities for content recovery (including partial recovery from file server and test of the tool functionality.


      • To centralize, secure and be able to manage all types of files, involving:
        • File server migration (first server migration: ICT department project documentation),
        • The outward migration of Microsoft SharePoint (first projects: Finance-Accounting - Public procurement),
      • To facilitate (co) production and document processing,
      • To organize collaborative spaces and document sharing with simple access management,
      • To optimize business processes (workflow), internal to Directorates and cross-functional,
      • To reduce errors and loss of time (duplicates, obsolete versions, omissions ...),
      • To completely remove email attachments and reduce the number of emails,
      • Telecommuting with access to content and their co-editing, tasks, instant conversations and web conferences from / outwardly via a simple and secure web connection.


          The 1st phase of the project, the 6-month POC, ended with the file server migration dedicated to ICT department cross-functional projects and therefore the launch of the platform. In order to carry out an optimal migration of the documentary base, ICT department has set up support for the analysis and sorting of documents. Once this step was completed, more than 220k files were migrated to the GoFAST platform.

          The POC also allows testing the workflow engine with the digitization of the business unit minutes elaboration: creation from a template, office co-edition, version management, verification step, validation, publication in PDF with cross-functional sharing (without duplicate).

          35% of the desired features have not been tested (lack of time and waiting for GoFAST version 3.8). 65% of features were tested, nearly 90% were judged "fully or partially provided". Areas for improvement have been identified and an action plan is being launched for the progressive deployment of GoFAST to the businesses of the Department, from September 2020.

          Balance sheet: 6-month POC figures

          • 69 active users at the end of POC (reminder: 50 initially planned) and 105 at the end of summer 2020,
          • Number of documents stored on the platform:> 220k
          • 44 "Organizations" (Directorates, Services, etc.) and "Groups" spaces (cross-functional projects, knowledge database, etc.)
          • 4 "Extranet" spaces (work with partners)

          With 34 departmental advisers, nearly 3000 civil servants working in some 80 different occupations, the Department of Haute-Savoie is responsible for social work, regional development and sustainable development, culture and education, transport and roads, at the service of all its inhabitants.

          Nos Clients-Utilisateurs témoignent...

          • From a documentary standpoint, the solution notably replaces file servers. With these, in addition to the difficulty of setting up access rights, the information duplication rate was 4 or 5, or even more. Folder trees multiplied, document versioning was impossible. There was a wealth of information, but an overall loss of knowledge.

            Chief Information Officer and Digital Uses @ Occitania region

          • We always use the GoFAST solution with great satisfaction; We have all been telecommuting since mid-March 2020 and we do not encounter any difficulties.

            As with any change, the adoption of GoFAST asked everyone to change their habits, but quickly the use of the platform - very reliable - won everyone's support.

          • CEO-Vision has successfully combined some of the best Open Source “bricks” to provide the GoFAST solution. It, coupled with the efficiency and sense of service of its teams, allows us to tackle one of the aspects of our digital transformation with confidence.

          • Portrait Samira El Keffi

            Besides the fact that the GoFAST solution is simply great, I also particularly appreciate the collaboration with the CEO team who has always been very responsive and attentive to the specific needs of our organization.

            Organizational Development coordinator @Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency

          • The choice of Open Source has not only been a political choice but also economic, because the proprietary solutions of major editors are too expensive when the number of users is large.

            In the end, standards "smooth" complexity and allow interoperability. With GoFAST, we have the best of both worlds!

            Chief Executive Officer @ Botanic, the natural gardening

          • Portrait Bénédicte Speidel

            GoFAST has revolutionized the way of working at Enabel and especially to collaborate in the digital age, thanks to its applications that allow to manage thousands of documents on a single platform; to edit online instantly and simultaneously by several users; always make accessible updated versions, shared among hundreds of people around the...

            Administrative assistant and Product manager @ Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency