Department of Haute-Savoie replaces both SharePoint and the file server with GoFAST

The Department of Haute-Savoie replaces both SharePoint and the file server with a sovereign Digital Workplace. 


A year ago, the Department of Haute-Savoie (74) undertook a major project: the replacement of its SharePoint DMS and file servers. An important development in the management of its numerous electronic records and documents. This vast operation is based on the using of the GoFAST DMS collaborative platform from CEO-Vision, which positions itself as the sovereign open source alternative to GAFAM, in particular to Office 365 – SharePoint – Teams.

“Thanks to the GoFAST we spend much less time drafting documents and this greatly simplifies interaction and collaborative work,” said Patricia Mugnier, Project Manager, Innovation centre, Information Systems and Digital Uses in Haute-Savoie. “CEO-Vision trained some of the users, and then we took over. Workshops were also held on predefined topics, such as workflows for example, to understand business requirements” , she continues.

“For CEO Vision, as nearly 90% of the information is in the documents, they must be at the centre of collaborative work”, says Olga Dernovaya, Manager of the Project and Change Management. “Instead of attaching the version of a file to a message that ends up getting lost, it is necessary to link your message to the single document, keep the history of the exchanges and versions of the document. The same applies to tasks, cross-functional sharing, a group meeting or conversation, etc.”.

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