Finally a comparator of versions easy to use!

CEO-Vision launches the first easy-to-use comparator of versions of a document, directly integrated with the GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform.

Why a comparator of versions ?

It is undeniable today that effective collaborative work is a source of productivity and quality. More and more organizations are managing their documents transversely. These new ways of working require a renewal of tools because it becomes impossible to ensure compliance with the process and validating right versions of documents remaining on the file server and conventional messaging.

With the objective to facilitate change tracking, in addition to versioning, workflows, activity feed and digest notifications, GoFAST now has a very easy-to-use version comparator.

1. Select versions …

2. View differences !

In "beta" version in GoFAST 3.6.0, the version comparator is now reliable and available in version 3.6.1 for all client-users.