GoFAST 3.8: Release Notes and Info (new integrated Collaborative Chat)

We are pleased to announce the launch of the version 3.8 of GoFAST Digital Workplace. A key version which brings a large number of new features and improvements, always based on user feedback!

GoFAST v3.8 has a brand new advanced Chat, making the Collaborative Digital Workplace a sovereign and efficient Open Source alternative to Teams, for more information, see: "New Chat of GoFAST v3.8 : Open Source alternative to MS-Teams"

Among the main changes in GoFAST v3.8:

  • New collaborative Chat with chat-rooms, calls and web-conferences (based on Riot.im and Jitsi meet) [Enterprise Edition],

  • New GoFAST Mobile version (Smartphones / Tabs) with ergonomic and functional evolutions, a preview of the future GoFAST "Light" version [Enterprise & Community Edition],

  • Online co-edition with the OnlyOffice Collaborative Suite on GoFAST Mobile (Tabs) directly in the web browser [BETA Enterprise Edition]

  • New version of the web conference (Jitsi meet based) [Enterprise Edition],

  • New version of the Office Collaborative Suite (based on OnlyOffice) [Enterprise Edition]

  • Improvements of the features of the Administrative Durations (pre-archiving) [Enterprise & Community Edition],

  • New notifications dedicated to comments [Enterprise & Community Edition],

  • Optimization of audit trails [Enterprise & Community Edition].

  • Optimization of the supervision of dedicated / Onpremise GoFAST for clients [Enterprise Edition],

And many other technical, ergonomic and functional improvements to discover in this new version.. 

Full release notes available here (in French)

Release Note 3.8 (in French)

[GoFAST Enterprise]
Notice to technical teams:

Do not hesitate to request support to schedule the update (Helpdesk of CEO-Vision).


[GoFAST Communiy]
The update will be available directly through your GoFAST Community. To find help, please ask your questions on our forums.

Wishing you a good use of GoFAST!