GoFAST Enterprise: OnPremise/SaaS

GoFAST OnPremise Hosting, subscription depending on organisation size and all services included:
Security Watch, Supervision, Maintenance, Major Updates and User Support.

Technology & Security Supervision

The technology and security watch is included in all GoFAST Enterprise Offers with a strong reactivity of our teams so that the key components are always up to date for a secured platform. For "0 days" vulnerabilities and depending on your subscription type your environment can be "patched" in just a few hours.

Supervision and Maintenance
Both OnPremise and SaaS, CEO-Vision provides maintenance as part of the subscription. Advanced "probes" provide high-level supervision and pro-active interventions.
Major Updates
No over-cost with the GoFAST Standard platform: the annual subscription includes all minor and major updates, even when complex updates of key components like Alfresco v4 to v5.
Reactive User Support
CEO-Vision is renowned for the responsiveness and quality of its support, our references can testify. Any request is tracked in a ticket management tool. Forums and meetings with users are the basis of reflection for new features and improvements.
Outsourced Hosting
CEO-Vision works in collaboration with Via numérica, FO operator and hosting provider (France) who has been managing dedicated GoFAST platforms since 2012. It is also possible to host GoFAST at your hosting provider. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

involved and responsive

Thanks to an involved and competent team, GoFAST support is renowned for its quality.



Offer by size: about €2 / user / month for an Organization of 1000 employees.


Mastered Security

GoFAST OnPremise gives you total control over the security of your data (Cloud Act).

Clear offer:
Subscription depending on the size of your Company or Organization, no overcost per user-account for a 100% controlled budget, from the beginning to the general deployment.

GoFAST OnPremise Features Organization size* Price Example of cost per user
GoFAST M*    &             up to 99 employees €9 990 / year €8.40 / user / month (for 99)
GoFAST L*    &             from 100 to 249 employees €14 990 / year €5.00 / user / month (for 249)
GoFAST XL*    &             from 250 to 999 employees €19 990 / year €1.70 / user / month (for 999)
GoFAST XXL*    &             from 1000 to 2499 employees €29 990 / year €1.70 / user / month (for 1500)
GoFAST Xtra**    &             > 2500 to unlimited** €44 990 / year €1.50 / user / month (for 2500)

* Step according to the size of your Company/Organization, for more information please contact CEO-Vision.

** In the limit of a standard GoFAST architecture and implies an additional cost of €2/user/month from 2500 + 1 active users.

Unlimited Extranet:
Unlimited number of users with extranet role (non-employees, non-permanent on-site service providers)
€4 000€ / year €4 000€ / year €4 000€ / year €4 000€ / year
Stagging  :
25% of the subscription, per number of platforms (price indicated for 1 platform).
€2 497.50 / year €3 747.50 / year €4 997.50 / year 7 497.50€ / year €9 997.50 / year
​​​​​​Specific GoFAST:
Applies in the case of specific developments for their maintenance.
€10 000 / year
Specific Remote-Administration:
Non-standard (SSH) or impossible supervision.
€1 500 / year
Extended Support 6/7:
Monday to Saturday included, extended hours.
€4 000 / year
24/7 Support : €8 000 / year