GoFAST Explorer and Powerful Search Engine

The full-web "GoFAST file Explorer" offers optimized ergonomics and maximum features.

The search engine is efficient even with hundreds of thousands of files.

GoFAST Explorer

The GoFAST file explorer is accessible directly through the Web browser, simple to use, it offers useful features including drag and drop, multi-filing... and mass actions.

Full-text indexing

Find the content of an Excel cell, the amount of an invoice ... no need to add metadata, or know the title to find your documents.

Powerful search engine
The powerful GoFAST search engine is based on scoring technology and has been optimized to be effective even with hundreds of thousands of files.
Categorize, qualify ... to filter the search result
With GoFAST you find your documents quickly by filtering the search result by author, format, space, category, state, creation/modification date, language...
Full-web & easy to Use
Powerful File Explorer
Innovative and ergonomic full-web file explorer (drag and drop, access, mass actions ...) to facilitate Change.

GoFAST Demonstration

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+20% de gain temps

Documents retrouvés en quelques mots-clefs

La recherche GoFAST permet aux utilisateurs de retrouver les informations et fichiers plus vite pour gagner jusqu'à 20% de temps.

Key features of classification and search, to save time every day ...

Full-Web GoFAST File Explorer
Automatic full-text indexing
Quick restitution of search results
Many Search Result Filters
Content extracts and document preview
Categories and labels: simple and practical
Quick access to content
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