Next Webinar: Collaborative and sovereign Digital Workplace, for efficient telecommuting

"During the lockdown we realized the importance of having GoFAST in maintaining our processes, even in this new all-remote organization"
Mr Philippe Holtzscherer, 
Director and Founder of CREACT'UP Audit-Consulting-Training (read other testimonials)
WEBINAR (in French)
"Choosing the right collaborative and sovereign Digital Workplace, for efficient telecommuting"
Wednesday, November 4 at 11:30 a.m.
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Teleworking should not be reduced to ...
VPN access to the file server, hundreds of emails a day, and never read attachments!
From home, how to ...
access your work environment from any PC?

have all your tools at hand without installing anything, not even the Office pack?

create and co-edit your Office files with your colleagues?

comply with its verification and validation workflows?

legally sign and distribute documents?

organize meetings and discuss as if we were in the office?

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