OnlyOffice and CEO-Vision, a global strategic partnership

With the GoFAST platform, the CEO-Vision editor’s strategy is to offer Organizations / Companies a sovereign alternative to GAFAM solutions, especially to Microsoft Office365 SharePoint.

Open Source: a dynamic ecosystem, but also a strategic partnership!

CEO-Vision wanted to sign a contract with Ascensio System SIA, editor of OnlyOffice, to formalize a technological partnership that has already lasted for 3 years. The Paris Open Source Summit 2019, the event of the year for the whole ecosystem, was the perfect opportunity to celebrate this merger! Now a strategic partner, CEO-Vision will be able to contribute more to the development of the Collaborative Suite and ensure that GoFAST user requests are prioritized.

Why did we integrate OnlyOffice with GoFast?

    GoFast v2 was already at the time (2016) an open source alternative to SharePoint and was able to end the "bazaar" of obsolete file server, offering the best of both worlds between global DMS and Collaborative Digital Workplace.

    Since the integration of the OnlyOffice Suite (already 3 years passed away), the GoFAST Collaborative DMS is a sovereign alternative relevant to Microsoft Office365 (and not only to SharePoint), deployed in organizations concerned about the security of their data.

    Indeed, Ascensio System SIA OnlyOffice offers a powerful office suite that includes online editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations highly compatible with file formats of Microsoft Office and OpenDocument. OnlyOffice provides users with multiple editing tools and collaborative features for a better team workflow, with complex objects and layouts.

    The main functional "plus" compared to other solutions is that the integration of this Collaborative Suite with GoFAST has been completely thought out: users do not have the impression of switching from one application to another one keeping a fluidity in uses, each update of the office files is versioned and time-stamped, a lock on the document page and in GoFAST Explorer informs users that the document is in co-editing, etc.

    OnlyOffice : a "user" and "security" - oriented pragmatic choice

    Solutions like Office Online and Google Suite are rejected by more and more CIO, mainly for security and confidentiality issues (rejection of the Microsoft and Google Cloud). Beyond the CIO requirements, users needed a Suite compatible with docx, xlsx, pptx formats to be able to edit their documents safely, without being blocked due to lack of compatibility.

    After extensive study and testing that the experts at CEO-Vision chose for OnlyOffice. In 2017, this Collaborative Suite was added to the other "bricks" that make up the heart of the GoFAST DMS platform (Alfresco, Drupal, Solr, XMPP, Jitsi meet ...) quick answering both user expectations and CIO :

    • the full-web application (nothing to install on PC)
    • good compatibility with MS Office files (docx, xlsx, pptx)
    • ergonomics close to MS Office Suite (to limit the impact of change)
    • simultaneous co-edition of Office file,
    • track changes
    • standard formats "docx", "xlsx", "pptx"
    • the availability of essential functionalities ("full-web" Office applications do not yet have all the functionalities present in pc applications, including Office365)
    • Open Source technology
    • the existence of pc applications, with the goal of being able to guarantee their operation through the GoFAST "online editing" functionality (already available for MS Office and LibreOffice)
    • reduction of Office license costs
    • more independence in comparison to the conditions imposed by large editors
    • better control of its data with sovereign solutions and / or by hosting "Onpremise" rather than in the Microsoft Cloud, especially in the case of Office365 and the Cloud Act

    Regarding the need for independence and sovereignty, Cigref published "Open source, an alternative to major IT providers" (December 2018).

    Since OnlyOffice was integrated in GoFAST version 3.0, the Collaborative Suite allows our users to dispense with the Microsoft Suite in almost all use cases (some still need application installed on the PC for advanced features, e.g. Office direct mail).


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