Replay Webinar: Open-Source Digital Workplace for more efficient telecommuting than GAFAM

"During the lockdown we realized the importance of having GoFAST in maintaining our processes, in this new all-remote organization" 
Mr. Philippe Holtzscherer, 
Director and Founder of CREACT'UP Audits-Consulting-Training (see more testimonials)
"Choose the right collaborative and sovereign Digital Workplace, for a more efficient telecommuting than with GAFAM"
Telecommuting should not be about VPN access to your file server, hundreds of emails a day with never-read attachments and endless web conferences !

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From home, how to…
access your workplace from any PC ?

have all its tools at hand without installing anything, or even the Office Suite ?

create and co-edit Office files with colleagues ?

comply with its verification and validation workflows ?

legally sign and distribute documents ?
hold meetings and interact like if you were in the office ?
Web conferencing, chat, document sharing, co-editing, workflows, tasks, research, etc. No longer undergo lockdown, unite collaborative work even remotely !
Note: The Webinar is in French, but we can do a demo in English if you have a project.