Main objectives of the project are to :

  • Replace the file server to reduce errors and optimize document management
  • Centralize documents on a single platform and secure data
  • Set up a common structure of files for the whole community to manage "the life of the Services" and shared activities
  • Strengthen collaborative and cross-sectional work (particularly for projects)
  • Significantly reduce the number of emails and attachments

These global and ambitious objectives were validated at the end of 2019 and therefore, before the start of the Covid-19 crisis. The GoFAST DMS plarform and Digital Workplace was installed in early 2020


    • To work on a document together; to manage the evolution of the working document towards its final PDF publication version, with internal colleagues and external partners. For example: French National Association for Urban Renewal (Agence nationale pour la Rénovation Urbaine or ANRU).
    • To digitize the deliberation process, from document creation to its publication on the intranet and fast internal search of the document
    • To integrate document management with an electronic signature (electronic signing system), in order to master the steps of business processes from creation to signature
    • Advanced search to find a document in the tree structure and transmission of the link to another civil servant
    • To manage external contacts and their access to documents
    • To monitor the life cycle of electronic documents from their creation to their deletion and limit duplicates (including: quotes, purchase order, invoices, budgets, administrative notes, public procurement, deliberations, recruitment, etc.)
    • To empower the user to share his documents internally and externally
    • Chat group creation in the chat (IM)
    • To plan proceedings of the Elected Commission (agenda, deliberations, web-conference)

    The Covid-19 crisis and forced lockdown having occurred in the midst of the project launch and change management, telecommuting and major document base migration objectives were added to the project much faster than expected. Thus, the Town Hall was able to respond very quickly to the requirements of secure access, to working documents and maintaining the activity of its civil servants, thanks to GoFAST Digital Workplace. Access to the collaborative spaces of the platform is possible both via the Town Hall's Remote Office (which brings various tools together) and via a simple Internet connection in https (in order to verify security, an audit has been carried out).


    • Pilot phase (January to May): focused on Pilot Services with two dimensions, the administrative part and a central project / process,
    • Extension phase (May to September): deployment to other Services / Directorates,
    • Generalization phase (September to December): implementation for all Services / Directorates, with sharing of common tree structures and work on business tree structures.


    This project is an example of how to rethink your IS and working methods to move towards more collaboration while raising the level of security for your data.

    The choice of the GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform allows the town hall of Rillieux-la-Pape to avoid the deployment of certain proprietary and / or "GAFAM" solutions, thus protecting itself from the Cloud Act and the pricing policies of the major software publishers.

    Working with a sovereign software publisher provides important advantages: proximity, better understanding of business requirements, consistency with political discourse for the promotion of French startups and SBMs rather than GAFAMs, and control of its data.

    Rillieux-la-Pape is located in the North East of the Lyon, on the edge of the Rhône department of which it is a part. It is one of the 59 municipalities that make up the Metropolis of Lyon.

    Born from the merger of Rillieux and Crépieux-la-Pape on December 15, 1972, the commune was initially rural. Influenced by the Dombes as evidenced by the old farms with galleries characteristic of the region of thousand ponds, Rillieux was attached to the Rhône and turned to the growing Lyon area.

    It experienced the golden age of growth and of large French groups which hired hundreds of inhabitants: Majorette, Feudor, the head office of Crédit Lyonnais.

    Rillieux suddenly grew under the effect of the demographic explosion of the 1960s. The town is also characterized by the history of its construction and its topography: the new town extends between the two villages of Crépieux and Rillieux.

    One of the town specificities is the importance of its agricultural areas: 300 hectares of cultivated land. It also benefits from a privileged setting with many virgin areas to escape from the entire world. From the banks of the Rhône to the Sermenaz park, passing by the Ravin stream and the island of Crépieux Charmy, Rillieux-la-Pape is home to flora and fauna of exceptional ecological heritage.

    Since 2014, the town has begun a profound transformation by carrying out an ambitious urban renewal program aimed at social diversity and economic development.

    At the last census in 2014, the town had 30,008 inhabitants. By 2019, 5,000 additional Rilliards are expected to settle in the commune.

    Nos Clients-Utilisateurs témoignent...

    • From a documentary standpoint, the solution notably replaces file servers. With these, in addition to the difficulty of setting up access rights, the information duplication rate was 4 or 5, or even more. Folder trees multiplied, document versioning was impossible. There was a wealth of information, but an overall loss of knowledge.

      Chief Information Officer and Digital Uses @ Occitania region

    • We always use the GoFAST solution with great satisfaction; We have all been telecommuting since mid-March 2020 and we do not encounter any difficulties.

      As with any change, the adoption of GoFAST asked everyone to change their habits, but quickly the use of the platform - very reliable - won everyone's support.

    • CEO-Vision has successfully combined some of the best Open Source “bricks” to provide the GoFAST solution. It, coupled with the efficiency and sense of service of its teams, allows us to tackle one of the aspects of our digital transformation with confidence.

    • Portrait Samira El Keffi

      Besides the fact that the GoFAST solution is simply great, I also particularly appreciate the collaboration with the CEO team who has always been very responsive and attentive to the specific needs of our organization.

      Organizational Development coordinator @Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency

    • The choice of Open Source has not only been a political choice but also economic, because the proprietary solutions of major editors are too expensive when the number of users is large.

      In the end, standards "smooth" complexity and allow interoperability. With GoFAST, we have the best of both worlds!

      Chief Executive Officer @ Botanic, the natural gardening

    • Portrait Bénédicte Speidel

      GoFAST has revolutionized the way of working at Enabel and especially to collaborate in the digital age, thanks to its applications that allow to manage thousands of documents on a single platform; to edit online instantly and simultaneously by several users; always make accessible updated versions, shared among hundreds of people around the...

      Administrative assistant and Product manager @ Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency