Technical services around GoFAST

Putting technology at the service of the business and reconciling 3 requirements: user need, ISD approach, DG and Board of Directors' point of view.

Takeover of Servers and GED

CEO-Vision is exploring the possibilities of migration of your documents from Alfresco, GoogleDocs, SharePoint... and file servers with the goal of keeping useful metadata when resuming.

OCR/LAD/RAD dematerialization

In partnership with specialized publishers, CEO-Vision is implementing OCR/LAD/RAD document capture systems to benefit from full-text indexing and the powerful GoFAST search engine.

Specific workflows

CEO-Vision models specific workflows on GoFAST to meet your various business needs: Quality, Bills, Couriers, HR, Contracts, Electronic Paraphers, etc.

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Key services for optimal integration of GoFAST at the heart of your Information System...

GoFAST installation

GoFAST installs in less than 24 hours in dedicated SaaS or OnPremise as part of a package with Benchmark, Recipe and 1/2 day of support.

SI integration

Expert in open source technologies, CEO-Vision finds GoFAST integration solutions with your business applications to increase efficiency and security.


CEO-Vision performs GoFAST/OCR-LAD-RAD systems couplings to support your Digital Transformation and reduce paper processing costs.


CEO-Vision models the workflows specific to your business needs: Call for Tenders, Quality, Invoices, Letters, HR, Contracts, Electronic Initialing, Leave Management...

Takeovers & Migration
CEO-Vision migrates your documents from Alfresco, GoogleDocs, SharePoint and other GEDs and servers to keep useful metadata.
Accommodation SaaS
Dedicated Saas or Onpremise, CEO-Vision studies your requirements and constraints to offer a suitable and secure hosting.
CEO-Vision supports the implementation of backup/restoration solutions, PRA/PCA of Gofast according to your requirements and compliance with technical requirements.
Gofast developments
Specific developments for Gofast on customer request and subject to acceptance by CEO-Vision (triggers Gofast Specific Option).