Comparison of GoFAST with MS-SharePoint

CEO-Vision noted that a digital workplace tool must essentially be "Document Centric"; this means that collaborative and share functions must be designed around a DMS core but not in parallel.

This observation is the basis of the GoFAST concept!

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This comparison focuses mainly on the differences in terms of collaborative and universal document management.


Content Access rights related to collaborative spaces and not to the author  
Unlimited subsites ("Sites") with automatic inheritance of rights x
Standardized typology for Collaborative Spaces (for example: to separate "Group" spaces dedicated to cross-functional projects, "Organizations" spaces dedicated to Departments / Services) x
Sharing of a document between several spaces x
Advanced Web file explorer x
Publication (creates a PDF version of a given version of the working doc) x
Advanced search engine x
Non-intrusive comments and annotations to the document with notification x
Link sharing with audit trail and read notification   x
Activity summary by email with configurable frequency x
Management of advanced templates (contextual to spaces,…) x
Management of multilingual documents x
Management of Documents deadlines x
Category Management ("Invoice", "Mail", "Contract", etc.) x
Tagging (additional to full-text indexing) x
Links between documents (and other content: external web pages, etc.) x
Online editing of non-Office documents (e.g.: editing a PDF online with your pc application and saving it directly to GoFAST) x
Online editing with MS-Office alternarive PC applications (LibreOffice, WPS, soon OnlyOffice...) x
Simultaneous editing in a multiple browser in docx / xlsx / pptx format
Simultaneous editing in a browser with review mode x
PaDES / XaDES e-signature (with its PDF application and the "edit online" function) or server side (optional) x
Management of Kanban type task ADD-IN   (Sept. 2019)
Simple and advanced workflows (ability to model the process and the forms related to the tasks) x
Retention Period Management (pre-archiving) x
Contents destruction following accounts termination ? x
Simple and transferable administration to "business" managers, facilitating GDPR compliance x

Real interoperable Workflow, BPMN standard x
WebDAV standard interoperability
Interoperable Standard CMIS 1.1 (allows standardized access to DMS by other components, e.g.: ERP, etc.) x

OnPremise or Colocation (”Cloud Act free”) x
Optional Sovereign SaaS* (”Cloud Act free”) x
European Company x
Open Source x
Reversibility ?
Availability ? > 99.9%


*Datacenter in France/Europe owned/operated by a French/European company without American activity (Cloud Act); The "Cloud Act" is a law which was passed in 2018 by the U.S Congress which authorizes the U.S Dept. of Justice to intercept and / or request data from US companies overseas datacenters (i.e in Europe) in the case of serious crime.

**Creation of channels in a Team.