Having decided to rethink their document management and their working methods, INSA Lyon launched a project of assessment, installation and deployment of a Collaborative Digital Workplace and DMS platform.

Main goal : Collaborative document development and management

    The general goal of the project is to optimize document management by enabling global collaboration, reducing errors and ensuring compliance with business processes.

    The question here is to go further than the simple "sharing" of documents, but rather to allow INSA Lyon employees to manage the documents life cycle from the time of their creation, through their exploitation, to preparation for archiving.

    Among the issues which must be handled on the Collaborative DMS platform, the INSA identified the need to :

    • centralize and share documents securely, without sending an email or attachments,
    • allow collaborative work (including simultaneous co-publishing),
    • dematerialize business processes,
    • manage Retention Period (Retention Period Management).

    GoFAST solution to solve many business problems

    • Collaborative spaces for global management of documents between departments, services, project teams, remote sites,
    • Simple management of access rights to content, which can be dedicated to business managers (facilitates compliance with the GDPR),
    • Collaborative work, including co-publishing Office files and the possibility of centralizing and securing exchanges to reduce emails and no longer send attachments,
    • Secure access to documents and all functions through a simple web browser (mobility and telework),
    • "Activity summary" notifications on content and linked exchanges.

    Dematerialize and optimize the convention management, including coupling with fast-parapheur

    Before confirming the choice of GoFAST Collaborative DMS, INSA Lyon wanted to test the platform within the context of the convention management.

    A POC (Proof Of Concept) focused on GoFAST workflows was conducted in close collaboration between the INSA Lyon project team and the CEO-Vison experts, responsible for providing support and developments.

    The dematerialization of the convention management process involves :

    •   Support in the assessment needs linked to the process (stakeholders, types of tasks, stages, requirements, notifications, etc.)
    •   Modeling of the specific process after validation
    •   Creation of forms associated with the various process stages
    •   The development of new webservices (API)
    •   The addition of two specific metadata associated with the agreements
    • The coupling of GoFAST to Docapost's “FAST-Parapheur” in order to allow INSA Lyon to transmit the agreements for signature to external bearers, while respecting the defined process (within a later phase of the process evolution)
    •   Integration, tests in real conditions and workflow adjustments

    Within this advanced process of convention management, INSA Lyon has the ability to apply strong electronic signatures (eIDAS “Qualified certificate”**) using a PC application (e.g.: FoxitReader / AcrobatReader) while keeping the documents on the DMS platform (therefore no local copy on the PC).

    Pre-archiving and uploading to the RMS (Records Management System) of the departmental archives

      From the beginning of the project, INSA Lyon expressed the need to be able to prepare documents for archiving in order to upload them to the RMS of the Departmental Archives, in compliance with SEDA standards (french RM standard) and in PDF-A format.

      GoFAST already has the functionality of RPM (Retention Period Management), a quick support is enough to allow INSA Lyon to set the times to apply according to the category of documents.

      Discussions are underway to verify the need and specifications of a connector, in order to facilitate the transfer of documents from the Collaborative DMS platform to the RMS.

      Similarly, within the document management evolution for archiving, a "sorting room" (specific collaborative space, dedicated to archivists) is under study.

      Digital transformation around a souvereign and Open Source solution

      This project is a telling example of how to rethink its document management and working methods to move towards more collaboration while raising the level of security and compliance with internal business processes.

      The choice of GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform allows INSA Lyon to avoid the deployment of certain proprietary or "GAFAM" solutions, thereby protecting themselves from the Cloud Act and the pricing policies of large software editors.

      Working with a sovereign software editors provides important advantages: proximity, better understanding of business issues, consistency with political discourse for the promotion of French startups and SMEs rather than GAFAM, and control of its data.

        INSA Lyon is the first engineering school in France 

        Each year it welcomes a wide variety of profiles among the best graduates in France. More than 14,000 high school students apply to join the establishment at the start of the new academic year, only around a thousand pass the admission stage. Among them, 35% of girls, 33% of scholarship holders and 35% of international students, with almost 100 nationalities are represented.

        Since its creation, the INSA model has been associated with certain values, which the establishment has continued to serve and more than ever, to transmit. Diversity, excellence, openness and innovation are the driving forces behind INSA Lyon, which, during its sixty years of existence, has defended a vision of innovative engineering, still modern today.

        Nos Clients-Utilisateurs témoignent...

        • From a documentary standpoint, the solution notably replaces file servers. With these, in addition to the difficulty of setting up access rights, the information duplication rate was 4 or 5, or even more. Folder trees multiplied, document versioning was impossible. There was a wealth of information, but an overall loss of knowledge.

          Chief Information Officer and Digital Uses @ Occitania region

        • We always use the GoFAST solution with great satisfaction; We have all been telecommuting since mid-March 2020 and we do not encounter any difficulties.

          As with any change, the adoption of GoFAST asked everyone to change their habits, but quickly the use of the platform - very reliable - won everyone's support.

        • CEO-Vision has successfully combined some of the best Open Source “bricks” to provide the GoFAST solution. It, coupled with the efficiency and sense of service of its teams, allows us to tackle one of the aspects of our digital transformation with confidence.

        • Portrait Samira El Keffi

          Besides the fact that the GoFAST solution is simply great, I also particularly appreciate the collaboration with the CEO team who has always been very responsive and attentive to the specific needs of our organization.

          Organizational Development coordinator @Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency

        • The choice of Open Source has not only been a political choice but also economic, because the proprietary solutions of major editors are too expensive when the number of users is large.

          In the end, standards "smooth" complexity and allow interoperability. With GoFAST, we have the best of both worlds!

          Chief Executive Officer @ Botanic, the natural gardening

        • Portrait Bénédicte Speidel

          GoFAST has revolutionized the way of working at Enabel and especially to collaborate in the digital age, thanks to its applications that allow to manage thousands of documents on a single platform; to edit online instantly and simultaneously by several users; always make accessible updated versions, shared among hundreds of people around the...

          Administrative assistant and Product manager @ Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency