Universal DMS GoFAST platform has been integrated into the Lecko study the French research company - Volume 10:  “The state of the art of internal organizations transformation”. Lecko publishes their 2018 study after analyzing 60 solutions via 2 surveys with 10,700 ratings.

The study demonstrates that:

"the digital is a subject of modernization where the company is in active watch  mode and in progress"

“companies have important potential gains to connect all their employees”


Like Microsoft's Office 365, Lecko ranks the GoFAST collaborative platform as one of the general solutions that can be offered to all kinds of business, both private and public organizations.

However, Google's G-Suite is not in the general solutions circle.

Finally, the distance between GoFAST and Alfresco positions the later being focused on "process" and therefore rather specialized, demonstrates the great value of the GoFAST concept: the solution becomes much more general than Alfresco alone and therefore more able to be deployed at all levels of an organization.

The study also points out that:

"GoFAST is a collaborative solution, that can run “On Premise” (in your datacenter) or as a SaaS solution, and has been built on the best open source technologies (Drupal, Alfresco, Solr Apache, BonitaSoft, OnlyOffice)", a very unique concept".

Being a solution based on the Alfresco DMS, the GoFAST document management dimension and in particular its collaborative processing of working documents, holds an extremely important place. This document management aspect is integrated into the notion of "transversality" in the Lecko study.

The study allows only to glimpse some aspects of GoFAST but not the full potential of the universal DMS platform that received a partial analysis. Thus in some "matrix" (study of a particular axis ), Lecko do not mention GoFAST despite functionalities which solves many issues connected to:

  • "Knowledge Management",

  • "Networking",

  • "Individual and collective productivity".

However, it turns out that GoFAST offers a wealth of use.

In 2019, GoFAST roadmap is oriented towards functional and user experience improvements: i.e new Workflows based on Bonita 7,  integration of a "Trello" type task management tool (Kanban) and a lot more.

Lecko - State of the Art - Tome 10 [in French]